When DC Comics, Warner Bros, and the CW officially unveiled the next Arrowverse crossover as “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, one of the most important comic book stories ever told, many people wondered how big they would actually go with it. Since that point, and via SDCC 2017, we’ve gotten teases of who will be in the crossover and what worlds will be present. And now, via the TCA Summer Press Tour, we can add one more world to the list. One where legendary voice actor Kevin Conroy will play a Bruce Wayne “from the future”.

For those who SOMEHOW don’t know. Kevin Conroy has been the “voice” of Batman for over 20+ years. He started in Batman The Animated Series, then did Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, had cameos in Static Shock and other DC Comics properties, voiced Batman in numerous animated films for them and even voiced Batman in the main three Arkham game titles. This will be his first live-action casting though as Bruce Wayne.

Now, those who also know his legacy knows that he did play a Bruce Wayne “from the future” in the series Batman Beyond, which just celebrated a 25th anniversary. So this is leading many to believe that we might get the first-ever live-action appearance of Terry McKinnis. But that is unconfirmed at present.

Should this be true, Crisis on Infinite Earths would truly be the greatest comic book crossover in the history of live-action adaptations. For you Marvel fans, I’m not insulting Endgame one bit. But that was characters from a single universe coming together. This is a multiverse of characters that includes not just the CWverse of Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lighting (just confirmed at the TCA’s) and the new Batwoman, but also, Kingdom Come (via Brandon Routh replaying Superman), the Flash 1990’s series (confirmed to be coming back), Burt freaking Ward (from Batman ’66, though we don’t know what role he’ll play), potentially Smallville (rumored heavily), and more.

The 5-part special will arrive in December for the first three parts, and then leave fans hanging until January to wrap it up. So there’s plenty of time for more teases and reveals along the way!

UPDATE!!! Should you still want proof this is real, Kevin Conroy himself has tweeted that this is real.

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