Borderlands 3‘s endgame is designed around replayability. Paul Sage, Creative Director at Gearbox, took the stage along with host Geoff Keighley at Gamescom Opening Night Live to share some details about the endgame grind in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3

Circle of Slaughter, a wave-based survival mode that tasks players with surviving as long as they can, returns from previous Borderlands games, and the longer you and your party last, the better the rewards you’ll receive.


The real endgame highlight of Borderlands 3, however, is Proving Grounds. To access these Proving Grounds, you’ll have to undertake a series of quests centered around the Eridians, an ancient alien race that Borderlands fans are sure to be familiar with. These quests will provide you with coordinates that will lead to one of six Proving Grounds. These Proving Grounds are repeatable missions in certain arenas that require you to kill every enemy but also task you with several optional objectives like completing the mission without dying or finishing with a certain amount of time left. Completing these optional objectives will reward you with better loot. You can check out the gameplay demonstration below.

Before leaving the stage, Sage mentioned that more will be revealed regarding Borderlands 3‘s endgame in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to The Outerhaven for more Borderlands news.

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