The Kingsmen franchise is a bit of an interesting one. The first movie came out with little fanfare, but was one of the biggest surprises of the year in terms of not just fan and critical response, but also, the films take at the box office. It stayed in the top ten for an incredible amount of time. In contrast, the second film (The Golden Circle) was highly anticipated, expanded the universe, but didn’t fare as well both critically and financially. It didn’t bomb, but people noticed it wasn’t the same as before in some aspects. But fans are hoping that the next film in the universe, a prequel story, sets things back on track via The King’s Man.

The prequel tells the story that was only teased in the first film, the story of how the Kingsmen came to be. Set in World War I, England is face with threats both known and unknown, and a group of men are trying to wipe everything out. To fight this threat, a select few must rise up to be better, to be nobler, to be…Kingsmen.

You can watch the teaser travel for the film below — it’s set to come out in February 14, 2020.


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