450 Wrestling Podcast

The 450 Wrestling Podcast – Episode 7 – Blood Money Is Not Enough

In a surprise return of the 450 Wrestling Podcast, the guys come together to discuss a lot of wrestling news that has happened in the last week! And there’s more in the news pipeline than you think.

First up, what did the guys think about Raw Reunion? Was it worth the nostalgia trip? Or was it a clear ratings grab that wasn’t worth the watch? And was Smackdown any better?

Also, the fans have brought back a movement to support the WWE Women, why are they asking for this now? The guys discuss.

There have been new matches added to NXT Takeover Toronto, but are they good? And what is the big news from the WWE financial news report? It’s not good, and the guys break down everything significant from it.

Finally, AEW has officially announced its first live show on TNT! What do the guys think about it? Is this the beginning of the true wrestling revolution? And how much stock should be put into a potential sellout of the first show? There’s a lot to discuss here.

So join in the conversation, see what is going on in the wrestling world, and join in on the fun of the 450 Wrestling Podcast!