The 450 Wrestling Podcast returns! And with a week off comes a slew of wrestling news and two wrestling events that we MUST talk about! This is going to be good!

First off, the guys talk about WWE Stomping Grounds. Was it a decent PPV? Or did WWE shoot themselves in the foot again? And how did Raw/Smackdown build on the momentum? Or did it? Plus, Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff are going to help run WWE, but will it work in the long run? The answer might surprise you.

The guys also talk about the Seth Rollins and his Twitter blow-up. What is his deal? And what do the guys think about what he said?


Finally, the guys break down Fyter Fest and all the matches that happened! Did the guys think it was as good as Double or Nothing? Which wrestlers impressed them this go around? What does this say about AEW as a whole? And did it build things up for Fight For The Fallen? The guys will reveal all!

So join in the fun everybody, let us know what you thought about everything discussed on the show, and let’s make a splash on wrestling here on the 450!

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