Super Robot Wars V And X Are Releasing On Switch And PC

Looks like the super popular Super Robot Wars series is heading to both the PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch.

Announced via a tweet from the official Super Robot Wars account, both Super Robot Wars V and X will head to the platforms later this year. More importantly, while Super Robot Wars T, ended up on the Nintendo Switch earlier this year (and with English localization. The series has never been available on the PC.


The PC version makes me hopeful that we’ll see another localized Super Robot Wars title and that it will be released in the West. However, at the time of this news, there hasn’t been any mention of this. It would make sense as the Japanse Steam community/audience isn’t very large. Porting this out to the PC and leaving it over on the Japanese Steam marketplace wouldn’t make much sense. I suppose it didn’t hurt that Asian version of Super Robot Wars T outsold the Japanese version, due to the game including English localization.

Per the tweet, we’ll hear more news about the ports on July 25th, 2019 from

As for why the series is so popular, it’s basically an anime/mecha fantasy game. Imagine having popular anime characters and mecha, crammed into one game. Then being able to pit them against each other via an expansive story. The appeal of it alone speaks volumes to fans of the genre. Sadly, this series has been stuck in Japan for a while, despite fans in the West asking to bring it over. It’s simply a licensing nightmare, among other reasons we’ve never seen it here. Maybe this will all change this recent turn of events.

I sure hope so, I wanna get my hands on this for the PC. Or if you can’t wait, definitely give Super Robot Wars T on the Switch a try.


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