HBO’s Westworld might have been somewhat dwarfed by the massive success of Game of Thrones, but now that the playing field has been cleared, so to speak, it’s time for them to make some bold moves of their own. And if the new trailer for its third season that premiered at San Diego Comic Con is anything to go by, that’s exactly what they’re doing.

So there’s a lot happening in this trailer. We see Dolores out in the real world, protecting other robots as they integrate into human society. It definitely feels like she’s trying to build an uprising. Aaron Paul, who plays construction worker Caleb, has a part to play in Dolores’ plans but it’s not clear yet just what. And is that him holding her lifeless body in the dark? Maybe we will see another human-host romance.


Meanwhile, Maeve is now a robot in a Nazi/World War II themed amusement park which…jeesh. That’s going to open up a whole other narrative can of worms. Will we get some commentary on the rise of Neo-Nazism? However, the way that the trailer is shot, it makes it seem like she might be the answer to Dolores’ problems so maybe she won’t be there for long.

This season will definitely be more focused on the dynamo relationship between hosts and humans, which will take the themes of the last season to the next level. Even one of the showrunners says so!

“This is season is a little less of a guessing game and more of an experience with the hosts finally getting to meet their makers,” co-showrunner Jonathan Nolan told Entertainment Weekly.

Westworld Season 3 is set to premiere on HBO sometimes in 2020.


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