marves avengers game screenshot-023

SDCC 2019: Marvel’s Avengers Demo Gameplay Has Leaked

While Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics had announced that SDCC 2019 goers would get to see some Marvel’s Avengers gameplay. They also mentioned that this wouldn’t be available to everyone else who wasn’t able to attend the event. However, thanks to several fans who attended the demo, we now have footage of the gameplay. Yes, there’s been a leak and I’m not too upset about this one.

The first video from PS5 Intel is very similar to what we were during E3 2019,  where the Avengers were fighting on the SanFran Golden State Bridge.

However, in this second footage captured by THEPROMISE102, we’re able to see some Captain America gameplay (finally!). Which I have to this has been a bit more excited than I previously was. There’s also a short look at some Black Widow gameplay as she battles Task Master.

Part 2. SDCC. Sadly the last part. Security almost caught me. from MarvelAvengersProject

Of course, since these are leaks, I don’t expect them to hang around for very long. So I recommend that you either watch them while you can or even possibly save them. Sure, they’re not the best quality, but they are the best look we’re going to get in quite some time.

That is until the demo gameplay is released to the public. Oh yeah, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have announced we’ll definitely see the same gameplay from Marvel’s Avengers. We just won’t see it until after Gamescom 2019 takes place, this August 20th – 24th, 2019. Yes, it’s a while off but I fully expect to see better quality leaks to take place before this happens.

Marvel’s Avengers releases for the PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia on May 15, 2020.