Sadly These Collectors And Limited Editions Aren’t Coming West

Ah Nintendo, I don’t understand your love/hate relationship with North America. We’ve embraced the Switch and it’s easily one of the top consoles sold month after month. Yet, when it comes to those sexy collectors and limited editions, you won’t bring them over to the West.

What am I talking about?

OK, let’s just revisit. The last few collectors/limited editions that Nintendo has announced over the past few months. A number of them for Astral Chain, Daemon X Machina and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Since E3 2019, each of these titles had a collector/limited edition announced for them. None of which are making their way West.

Take the Astral Chain (not Astrotrain) CE, for example. Sure, the game looks and sounds amazing. But I’m a fan of those lovely collector editions and this one looks sublime. With a physical soundtrack, artboard with a drawing from Masakazu Katsura and a 152-page artbook (DAMN!), who wouldn’t want this.

Just look at it! Look at it!

Astral Chain Collectors Edition

Astral Chain Collectors Edition

Yet, this isn’t coming West. As of now, this is a European exclusive. Totally unfair and I call foul.

The Daemon X Machina Orbital Limited Edition really upsets me. Mainly because I love all things mecha and I’m really looking forward to this game. The next best thing to a Gundam or Armored Core game, the demo had me salivating non-stop. Then they go and announce this, complete with a steelbook case, 100-page artbook and damned 7.8-inch statue of suit you pilot in the game. This one is also European exclusive.


Daemon X Machina Orbital Limited Edition

The final kick to the teeth is The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening Limited Edition. Which is, you guessed it, a European exclusive release. Sure, we got The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening Dreamer Edition, but it doesn’t hold a candle to this. With steelbook in the form of the original Gameboy and a 120-page artbook, this makes this perfect for any Legend of Zelda fan. Yet, we won’t see this gem in the West.

The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening Limited Edition

The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening Limited Edition

Of course, every collector/limited edition I’ve talked about can be had if you live in North America, but at a cost. Most places like Amazon UK or PlayAsia will happily sell you any of these. Assuming they have the stock. Just be aware you’ll have to spend an arm and a leg, not to mention worrying about if your stuff will even make it to you in time (or in my case at all). Just keep in mind that not everyone ships to North America.

I haven’t a clue as to why the West keeps getting snubbed when it comes to this physical works of art. We love these physical gems as much as our overseas gaming pals. So why Nintendo? Why do you keep forsaking us?

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