AX 2019: Popular Gunpla Anime Continues With Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE

Bandai Namco and Sunrise are continuing their Gunpla focused anime series with the next chapter. A series that first started back during 2013 with two seasons of ‘Gundam Build Fighters’ and ‘Gundam Build Fighters Try’. Followed up by ‘Gundam Build Divers’ that aired for several months in 2018. A series that changed up the Gunpla battle system that was established (and possibly more realistic) than that of Build Fighters. Now we’re going to get a continuation of Gundam Build Divers with ‘Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE’.

As part of the 40th anniversary of Gundam, Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE will continue the story from Build Divers. While we don’t have any info or even a summary for the new series. We can confirm that from the 40th anniversary of Gundam trailer that a new character is highlighted. Being someone who’s watched the previous anime, that doesn’t look like the main character. Or anyone from that anime, at least not anyone I recognize.


Take a look for your self.

gundam-build-divers-re-rise - new gundam

Interesting enough, this new Gundam or Gunpla looks very similar to the Gundam Strike and/or Freedom. Sure, the chest, shoulders, and arms look quite different.  However, the torso lines up, as does the waist. More importantly, the head is an exact copy. For those who know their Gundams, they know that the heads are very unique and specific. Each one is different is usually a sure way to identify a Gundam. In this case, this head is a dead ringer.


Though, I’m sure I’ve seen that rifle from another series. I just can’t quite remember which one it is. I’m sure it will come to me sooner or later. Or if you know what it’s from, or you just want to talk Gundam. Let me know in the comments.

Update: Now I remembered why that rifle looks familiar. It looks like the rifle used by the Gundam AGE-FX, from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. It’s not an exact copy, but very similar.

Gundam Strike Freedom Front Look

As I said, it’s very interesting. Still, it’s not unheard of as the Build Fighters and Build Diver series have been known to reuse a number of popular and obscure Gunpla’s in the shows. It also doesn’t hurt that the Strike Freedom was very popular during the Gundam Seed/Destiny run and has been a fan favorite even after that.

More information regarding Gundam Build Divers will be released in the near future and you’ll be able to see what’s coming next, right here at The Outerhaven.

PS, if you haven’t watched either Gundam Build Fighters or Gundam Build Divers, you can check them both out over at Gundam Info. It’s the official Gundam channel on YouTube, with lots of cool Gundam-related stuff.


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