As noted earlier, Pokemon Sword and Shield got a brand new trailer today, and with it came reveals of brand new Pokemon, as well as a new form of Dynamaxing. But, that wasn’t the only thing that was revealed!

For also in the trailer, we got a look at some brand new characters that are going to be in the game! As well as a fun twist on the gym battles via exclusive gym leaders! If you get Pokemon Sword, you’ll face off against Bea, who is a Fighting-Type Gym Leader. But if you get Pokemon Shield, you’ll instead face Allister, who is a Ghost-Type Gym Leader.

Furthermore, two new overarching characters have been revealed in Chairman Rose and his Secretary Oleana. In the Galar region, Pokemon events like the Champion Cup are run by a committee headed up by Rose. He gained fame by introducing Dynamax to Pokemon battles, and even endorsed Leon as champion of the region!


You can watch the full trailer below. Pokemon Sword and Shield will release on November 15th.

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