Megaman X DiVE Announced For iOS And Android

While Capcom has yet to announce the next game in the Megaman main series, they haven’t completely abandoned their loyal Megaman fans. In fact, they’ve announced an upcoming Megaman game that’s headed to iOS and Android devices, Megaman X DiVE.

Yes, I know this is a mobile game but just hear me out first. Megaman X DiVE looks to be a sidescrolling action/RPG. Meaning it will play like a traditional Megaman game. In addition, both iOS and Android support gamepads/controllers, so you’ll be able to play it if as it was on a console. What it will have, according to the video description, is various stages and Mavericks from multiple Megaman X games.


Deep Log The digital world where “MEGAMEN X Series Game” was stored. Also the memory of “You” as a player…. “Deep Log” appears abnormal for unknown reasons All stages, Maverics ,all the characters from “MEGAMEN X Series” are all mixed up because of game errors.

That last bit is important, as it sounds like we’re going to see a lot of X fan service. Obviously, they can use all the stages and characters, but what we end up with is going to be interesting. Plus, being able to play as Megaman X and Zero, outside of a fighting game would be so nice.

Now, we don’t know which games, but seeing Capcom head back to the X series is quite a bit of good news. Seeing how there hasn’t been a Megaman X game since Megamax X8 (2005). Since it is a mobile game, there may be microtransactions, but we can’t say for sure. There’s also no word on if this will see a release in the West. However, given the Megaman series has always done well over here I’m sure we’ll see it. If not, we can always sideload it.

I was hoping for the next Megaman to be a console game and one that was in the same vein as Megaman 11 or even a new Megaman x. As for this, it hurts if I’m being honest. Capcom refuses to give us a new X game and all this game is going is rubbing into our faces how much we all miss the series.

We’ll keep tabs on this story and update you once we know more about Megaman X DiVE.


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