A lot can change in 27 years — kids grow up, they forget their fears, and they start to build lives of their own. And that was the case for the Losers’ Club, the group of tweens who took on the evil entity that lived under their town that was murdering children. However, Mike stayed behind and when kids started being taken again in IT Chapter Two, he calls everyone back in to make good on their oath, to protect Derry from Pennywise once more. And if the trailer is anything to go by, they have their work cut out for them.

In the first teaser for the movie, we saw Bev, played by Jessica Chastain, being attacked by an old lady who had become integrated by IT. Now, we see Pennywise killing even more kids, one through an intricate hall of mirrors trap, will Bill trying desperately to save him. We also see Bill confronting the specter of his murdered brother Georgie, Bev telling the group that she had seen them all being consumed, a call-back to the bloody bathroom scene, and the return of the infamous red balloons. We also get one of the first one-to-one parallels between the children and adult versions of the characters, and even see a hint at one character’s suicide (but no spoilers as to whom).


The most interesting moment in the trailer, however, is when we see Bill Skarsgård, who plays Pennywise, without the weird head-bulb and very little make-up on. I wonder if they will shift the story to Pennywise was once a person who was overtake by IT rather than just one of its many forms, or if it is just another trick to get near the adults. Still, the effects look just as trippy as the first film, so we’re in for a visual treat. That is, if you can bear to keep your eyes on the screen.

IT Chapter Two will premiere in theaters on September 6, 2019

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