Good news for fans of AMC’s brand new horror show NOS4A2 — the show is getting a second season.

The show is an adaptation of the novel by horror writer Joe Hill. It follows Vic McQueen, a powerful creative who is attempting to stop Charlie Manx, another creative who is kidnapping children to take to Christmasland. He turns them into vampire-like creatures who eat and kill humans, and uses a car called the Wraith to transport them. She is helped by Maggie, another creative who uses a magic bag of Scrabble tiles that answers her questions.

The show has had plenty of critical success but what does the author think? Well, he’s pretty happy about it.


“I mean, I think it’s been pretty well received,” Hill tells Den of Geek. “It seems like there’s a core audience that seems to really dig what’s going on in it.”

“I love Ashleigh Cummings and Jahkara Smith, who are the two leads, and I think they’re really a kind of Butch and Sundance pair. We’re kind of not so used to seeing a show carried by two young women whose friendship kind of defines the program, and in a cultural sense, I think that’s sort of interesting. So yeah, NOS4A2 has been a lot of fun,” he added.

The season finale of NOS4A2 premieres as a two-parter on AMC on July 28, 2019. No word as to when season 2 of the show might air.

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