Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia Issue 3 Review

Title: Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia Issue #3
Author: Ed Kuehnel/Matt Entin (Story), Dan Schkade (Art), Marissa Louise (Color)
Publisher: Suspicious Behavior Productions, LLC, Starburns
Language: English
Format: Digital
Pages: 27
Genre: Sci-Fi, Wrestling
Publication Date: June 19, 2019

The Story

The third issue of Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia sees Manifest Destiny confront Dick Drasin and demands that he search for Rory Landell. Of course, even with his life being threatened by an intergalactic musclehead, Drasin wants it all in exchange for his help: licensing rights, DVDs, fast food promotions… pretty much anything to make a quick buck! Of course, he gets what he wants IF he can find Landell.

Meanwhile, Don and Macho come to the aid of Rory after he was taken out of a cantina. The three of them are on the way to meet up with Jay Warcloud in which Don suggests that he’ll get his head straight. They are suddenly ambushed by Wrestletopians!


Meanwhile, Drasin has a run-in with a new faction of Wrestletopians… the Zodiac Outlaws! They attempt to make Drasin a deal to prevent Rory Landell from making it back for his match with Manifest Destiny!

Some nice twists in this issue and the comedy is still pretty top notch! There were a few absurd moments throughout the issue that you couldn’t help but grin at. After three issues, the entertainment factor of this series is going nowhere but up!


Macho received a bit of backstory here. It goes into detail of how he broke into the wrestling business and how his faith in God was challenged when he was put into a six-month program with Rory! (HA!). I won’t go into the details as you should read it for yourself; however, it was a pretty entertaining backstory nevertheless!

Final Thoughts

I had so much fun with the third issue of Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia. Dick Drasin really shined in here in this volume. He reminds me of the wrestling version of J. Jonah Jameson and that’s not a bad thing! All of the characters’ personalities shined through here and the plot advanced really well. New dynamics were added to add more dimensions to the story and give it some much-needed depth!


Also, does anyone else feel like that’s how U.N. meetings truly go down?

All-in-all, another highly entertaining issue! Can’t wait to see what happens in Issue #4!

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