fornite trying to survive

Everything You Need to Know to Get Better at Fortnite

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Fortnite is the PvP online game of the moment! Available for free and designed to accommodate about 100 players in one game, you can call this the battle royale of the century.

Basically, players are being dropped by parachute on an island, where they must fight the other players until the last one remains standing. It’s a ruthless survival game that forces players to employ their wits, strategy skills, and creativity in order to continue playing.

Now, even though you can master the basic moves very easily, if you are just getting started, you are most likely to get your butt handed to you by more experienced players!

As such, we put together a list of crucial tips that you can start using immediately to turn the tides. Use them to increase your chances of survival!

Fornite Season 9

Don’t Be Defensive

One of the things that get newbies downed is the fast pace of the game. Especially if you’re used to playing based on convoluted strategies Fortnite is going to seem like a strange land. If you want a game that can help you practice the crazy mood and aggressiveness of Fortnite, try (it’s free to play and a lot of fun).

According to Fortnite masters, if you want to get better in this upside-down world, don’t treat the game as though it is a REAL firefight! You are not really dying if you get hit and lose a life!

The game rewards people who dominate and take the fight to the enemy. So, don’t play in defensive and don’t allow the enemy to invade your territory! Engage! Move into the fire instead of away from it. Use cover, but do not turtle.

Learn How to Heal

Remember those games when you had to look for special packages so your character’s health would be restored? Fortnite brought that back.

So, if you’re used with the new healing system in modern FPS games, it may take a while to get used to this system. Just make sure to keep in mind that health items must be discovered and used.

And, for a bit of extra guidance, it’s good to know that there are four different kinds of health items:

  • the bandage
  • the slurp
  • the medkit
  • the shield

The shield is slightly different from the other three items, as it has its own health bar. It is essential for you to learn these items to survive Fortnite, so take the time to get it down.

Muscle Memory is a Big Advantage

When a full-scale Fortnite fight breaks out, there is no time for anything else. If you need to look at your keyboard/controller to find the right button for each weapon or reload, you’re dead.

So, it’s important to use the same slot for the same weapons every time. This way, as you play, you get muscle memory and, in a moment of crisis, you’ll instinctively reach for the right buttons.

For instance, when you need the spreadshot weapon, you will get it with the same button press every game.

fornite trying to survive

Every Second Counts

From the very beginning of the game, starting with your deployment from the battle bus, you need to make every second count.

For instance, if you use the “aim low” technique, and use the crosshairs of your weapon to avoid rooftops, trees, and mountains, you can land sooner than your opponents. Landing sooner means that you have earlier access to loot, and these few seconds can mean the difference between winning and losing a match.

Get Down

Fortnite is built on realistic bullet strafing movements. This means that you lose accuracy if you try to run and shoot. So, for extreme accuracy, you should employ a crouch position.

This doesn’t mean you should stay still all the time and try to crouch for every shot. It does mean that you should take this position whenever possible. For instance, if you have time to set up your shot when your opponent does not see you, do it. You are more likely to make a kill without having to deal with return fire.

Wrap Up

Fortnite requires players to be in alert, at all times, ready to shoot at every move and outthink every opponent. Also, to be successful, your reaction times must be extremely fast. Otherwise, you won’t last one minute in the game!

Now, to get better at reading the environment and reacting quickly, you might want to try a different game, like Of course, there are other games that can help you get better, so make sure to look for them.

If you keep up with hand-eye coordination, and you will soon have a much better time in Fortnite!

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