One could argue that Nintendo’s “mobile initiative” has never been stronger. Fire Emblem Heroes continues to be popular and make money, Dr. Mario World has come out to positive reviews and is nearly a million dollars earned so far. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is nearing $100 million earned, and to the shock of many, Dragalia Lost has just crossed $100 million itself.

Dragalia Lost is a very unique entry in the mobile initiative, mainly because it was made by a 3rd party company AND it’s a totally original IP. Yet despite this, the game has done far better than expected. And as noted by Sensor Tower, it’s crossed $100 million in revenue, only the second Nintendo mobile game (so far, Animal Crossing is close) to do that.

For the record, Fire Emblem Heroes is No.1 one on the list with almost $600 million earned. And Pokemon Go is not part of the initiative as that is made by Niantic.


Still, for a “non-Nintendo” game published by Nintendo, Dragalia Lost is quite impressive, and it could lead to even more titles like it being put into the initiative in the upcoming years.

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