Blizzard Entertainment has announced Hearthstone’s newest expansion, Saviors of Uldum. This will be the second expansion of the 2019 season and will feature your standard fare of 135 new cards. There will be a solo-player adventure named after the expansion that will launch in September. The main expansion itself is slated for release on August 6.

With a new expansion comes new keywords and mechanics!

Reborn: Cards marked with Reborn will come back to life with 1 HP the first time that they die. This is identical to the Paladin secret Retribution.


Plagues: These cards are spells of ancient power and will be available to the Priest, Shaman, Warrior, Warlock, and Rogue classes.

Quest cards are making a return

Along with the above, players will receive a free Saviors of Uldum legendary card by logging in within the first 90 days of the expansion. Yes… that’s DAYS, not hours. Also, the expansion will see another arena rotation where cards will be selectable from the Basic, Classic, League of Explorers, Journey to Un’Goro, Kobolds & Catacombs, Rastakhan’s Rumble, and Saviors of Uldum expansions.

As usual, there are two bundles available for pre-order. Here’s what you get with each:


Standard Bundle:

  • 50 Card Packs
  • Elise Starseeker Card Back
  • Golden Legendary

Mega Bundle:

  • 80 Card Packs
  • Elise Starseeker Card Back
  • Golden Legendary
  • New Druid Hero: Elise Starseeker

You can check out the announcement cinematic below:

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