TBS announced during its panel at Anime Expo that the previously licensed seasons one and two of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU  will receive an English dub. The license to distribute the show in North America is held by Sentai Filmworks. This announcement comes after a third season of the anime in Japan has been confirmed and set to air. Home video releases for both seasons are scheduled to ship later this year.

The dub was previously announced back in April by Sentai Filmworks; however, it was never stated whether or not the dub would include both seasons. TBS confirmed today that it, indeed, will cover both. Non-dubbed versions of the anime are also licensed by Sentai Filmworks and are available now on their website.

Speaking of the third season, it was also announced during TBS’ panel that Studio feel will be returning to handle the anime’s production. Studio feel previously handled the second season while Brain’s Base handled season one of the show.


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