Update: The project has been confirmed to be a brand-new anime adaptation of the manga. It is tentatively titled Akira (Shin Anime).

Katsuhiro Otomo announced at Anime Expo that the classic anime film Akira will receive a 4k remastered edition on Blu-ray. The film originally aired in 1988 and pushed the boundaries of animation back in the day. It is highly regarded as one of the best anime films to be produced and is a staple on most anime fans’ “to-watch” lists.

In addition to the 4k remaster, an unknown new anime project in relation to the Akira manga has been confirmed to be in the works. What this new project remains to be seen but a tidbit of information was stated that the project looks to incorporate the entirety of the manga’s story!


The 4k remaster of Akira is slated for a Spring 2020 release in Japan and an unannounced time in the United States.

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