The next set of free PlayStation Plus games has been revealed, and subscribers will be able to snag Sniper Elite 4 and WipEout Omega Collection starting August 6.

Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 takes players back to WWII, sending them behind enemy lines in Italy to perform covert operations and take out high-value targets. The series is known for its realistic and rewarding sniping, and landing a shot on a critical part of a target’s body will trigger a slow-motion x-ray kill cam, each of which more satisfying than the last. Sniper Elite 4 doesn’t do much narratively, but the gameplay is definitely there (check out our review of the game if you’re interested).


If you’d rather not play alone, Sniper Elite 4 has a cooperative campaign mode as well as dedicated co-op missions for two to four players. For the more PVP-oriented players, the game also features standard competitive multiplayer modes that should get a nice boost in population now that the game is free with PlayStation Plus.

Wipeout Omega Collection

WipEout Omega Collection combines WipEout 2048, HD, and HD Fury into one game, bringing the anti-gravity racing series to the PlayStation 4 for the first time. The game features single-player races as well as local and online multiplayer.

For those of you with a PlayStation VR, WipEout Omega Collection is not to be missed. While not being a PSVR exclusive, WipEout Omega Collection is still one of the best PSVR experiences out there. Each of the game’s 26 tracks, as well as each of the game’s modes, is playable in VR, putting you right in the cockpit of the ship of your choosing. Playing in VR really provides the feeling of speed that WipEout games are known for, and if you’ve got a PSVR, you’d be remiss to skip this one.


While next month’s games are exciting, don’t forget to grab July’s free games, Detroit: Become Human Digital Deluxe Edition (which includes both Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls) and Horizon Chase Turbo will remain free to download until August 5.

Sniper Elite and WipEout Omega Collection will be free to download from August 6 through September 2.

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