YoYo Games Shuts Down Publishing Division

Just one year after opening the publishing division of their company, YoYo Games has decided to shut it down citing that they have struggled to add value. YoYo Games’ General Manager, Stuart Poole, stated that due to that inability to add value, the tough decision was made to shut down the division in an effort to focus more of its energy on supporting developers for their most-popular and well-known title GameMaker Studio.

The division was meant to be a conduit to help aid GameMaker Studio developers by providing them commercial expertise, advance knowledge of the platform, and investment clout.

“It’s become clear over the year that this isn’t where we can add the most value, and that our organizational capability to deliver in this area diverts resources from where they are most needed, and we aren’t in a position to offer significantly more than other publishers in this regard,” said Poole.

“Essentially, we are at our best when we’re providing support to GameMaker developers and publishers that have the effect of inspiring our community and helping new developers to learn faster.”

In addition to the closing of the division, it was also announced that Chris Trewartha, who was placed as head of the publishing division and was formerly the senior producer at Outplay Entertainment, has left the company.

Source: Gamasutra