You Can Now Buy A Life-Sized Naruto Figure

For those who have more money or more kidneys than they know what to do with, you can now purchase a life-sized Naruto figure for just 2.4 million Yen (~$22,000 USD). The figure is being sold out of Shanghai and orders can be placed between June 8 and July 31. If, for some reason, Fat Tony can’t get you the cash you need quick, reservations will be honored starting in October.

The figure stands 196 cm tall (77.16 inches) and depicts Naruto standing there holding his patented Rasengan in his hand.  The figure was based on an art piece created by Naruto character designer Tatsuya Nishio.

Let us know which shady organization you used for the best kidney extraction to afford this. If you were able to buy this outright with your own money then please consider paying off my student loans!