Phil Spencer

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Looking To Acquire More Studios

Maybe Even A Japanese Studio

Over the course of the past seven months, Microsoft has been correcting a very huge issue with its first-party offering. Since then, they’ve acquired a number of gaming studios, with the most recent being Double Fine Studios. This brings the number of Xbox Game Studios to 15.  That still isn’t stopping Phil Spencer from looking for more studios to bring into the fold.

In speaking with, Phil Spencer stated that they aren’t even remotely done.

I do think it’s important for us to continue to invest in content. It’s not every year that we’ll add seven new studios, but I do think us looking at specific targets that we need is important.”

While he didn’t drop any specific names, we can think of a few that would be a good fit. That’s not all, as he goes on to mention that picking up an Asian/Japanese game studio would be a nice get for Xbox One. It’s no secret that Microsoft’s success in Japan hasn’t been stellar. With scoping up a Japanese company, this would help them correct that. Which is something I’d imagine that Microsoft and Xbox want to double down on, with the next-generation of consoles quickly approaching.

I think it would be nice if we found an Asian studio, in particular a Japanese studio, to add [to our studios]. I liked it when we had some first-party capability in Japan. We have a small team there, but I think we can do more. That said, through our trips to Japan, I love having Phantasy Star back on our stage with Sega — I thought that was fantastic. Miyazaki-San, before with Dark Souls and now having Elden Ring on our stage… the Japanese creators have shown up more and more.”

I agree with Phil and getting Phantasy Star Online 2 over to the West was no small feat. Not only is it coming to the West, but it’s coming to the Xbox One. That speaks volumes and is something I never imagined would have happened. So when you think about that, as well as Elden Ring also coming to the Xbox. It does seem like whatever magic Phil is doing, it’s working. Here’s to hoping the Xbox gets more Japanese support in the coming months.

Phantasy Star Online 2 coming to Xbox One and PC
Phantasy Star Online 2 coming to Xbox One and PC

In closing, it looks like Xbox is getting ready to show us something that has been sorely missing. A decent select of first-party games, that likely won’t be here for the Xbox One. But for Xbox Scarlett or whatever the console ends up being called. It’s looking like a bright future.