Xbox at E3 2017

Windows 10 Xbox App Receives A Rebranding

Microsoft has decided to change things up a bit on Windows 10. The Xbox game app has been rebranded as the Xbox Console Companion. While this renaming is a small change in the short-term, Microsoft is looking to make a big deal down the road. With the imminent release of details on Xbox’s next-gen console (most-likely at E3), the announcement of Xbox Game Pass coming to PC, and more and more Xbox titles being able to be played on PC, the rebranding makes complete and total sense.

A message was posted on Windows Central that states that the Xbox Console Companion in its final form will be a dedicated app for your Xbox console’s features and settings. One of the other things that were noted was that some of the Xbox Live connectivity that was previously embedded into the Xbox app has now moved to the brand-new Windows 10 Game Bar app. The new Game Bar app lets users access music, capture tools, and Xbox Live chats all while playing almost any PC game via an overlay.

Let’s see if Microsoft has anything to say about this rebranding during their E3 presentation.

Source: Gamasutra