It was announced by Tsuburaya Productions that Tomohiro Shimoguchi’s ULTRAMAN manga will receive a second television anime adaptation! The green-light for the second season was the result of an overwhelmingly positive response to the first season. Shinji Aramaki and Kenji Kamiyama will return to direct the second season.

The directors also released statements about the second season:

Kenji Kamiyama

“I am happy to hear that ULTRAMAN, produced as a 3DCG animation using motion capture, has gained support from many people. I was convinced that I could convey an interesting story without being bound by the expression method. I would like to go further with this method in season 2 as well.”

Shinji Aramaki

“ULTRAMAN is a series that we production staff truly enjoyed, including its difficult process. Now Season 2 has gotten the green light, so I simply want to feel happy about working on it again. We want to show something that exceeds the expectations of the viewers who saw Season 1.” 

Netflix of Japan also confirmed the news in a tweet which contains a promotional video:

A key visual for ULTRAMAN Season 2 was also released which you can view below:

Source: Crunchyroll

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