Top Reasons That Explain Apex Legends’ Popularity

Image: Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends

Image: Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends

In just three days after the official launch, Respawn’s new battle royale has crossed the point of one million players. This is an impressive statistics for a new game, and there are a few reasons that explain its high popularity:

    • It is super balanced – everything in this game is smooth and polished.
    • It is different from a traditional BR – while most games of the genre are stand-alone, this one offered users to play in squads of three, which was something new.
    • It is absolutely free – this is one of the main things that attracted many players to this game.
    • Everyone has equal chances – although many battle royales are free by default, most of them offer paid upgrades, which enhance a player’s chances of a win. Apex Legends is different. There are some paid items, but they are only cosmetic, which means all users have equal opportunities to win regardless of whether they buy anything from the in-game store.
    • It has a unique design that makes it stand out – compare to other games, Apex Legends is somewhere in the middle between serious shooters and the ones with “childish” graphics.
    • It gives you lots of experience points – in this game, players get extra points for literally everything they do, even for just surviving.
    • It features a unique ping system for communication – nothing like this has ever been introduced in games of this genre.
    • Characters – just like many other battle royales, Apex legends has a range of characters to play with. However, what makes it stand out is that the choice of a character can actually influence your game. The thing is that all Legends are different not only by the way they look but also by the powers they have.
    • It is dynamic – if you have ever played Fortnite, you may expect that building and hiding can bring you the victory in Apex Legends as well. But that’s not quite the case. Since the map in this game is much smaller, the game requires constant movement. Thus, it plays faster and with more action.
    • It has high competition – there are millions of players to compete with. Users can check out ApexStat leaderboard to keep track of their progress and compete against the most powerful players. Besides, such an intense competition also gives users a chance to score extra XP points. For example, you can get a nice bonus for killing a Kill Leader (user who scores most kills) or a Champion from the previous match. Not many battle royale games give bonuses like that.

Final Words


It seems like Respawn has done impossible. They released a brand new battle royale that is not the next episode of their most popular game, but their success was still incredible. Apex Legends overcame many popular games from this genre, and it still seems to be gaining momentum. Will it keep leading positions for long? The game definitely has enough potential for that, and the rest depends on its developers!