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Tokyo Ghoul:re Vol. 11 Review

Title: Tokyo Ghoul:re Vol. 11
Author: Sui Ishida
Publisher: Viz Media
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 242
Genre: Fantasy, Battle
Publication Date: June 18, 2019

The Story

Tokyo Ghoul:re Volume eleven brings the conclusion of the battle between the CCG, Clowns, and Goat as well as a bit of a cooldown period with some interesting developments. After the dust settles from the battle, Furuta assumes control of the CCG and does a live demonstration on stage involving the public execution of some of the clowns and Ken Kaneki… or so we thought. There was a clown ghoul who could make himself to look like anyone and was part of Furuta’s plan to show a faux killing of the One-Eyed King. It worked because the CCG is now following him and recognizing them as their new leader.

Meanwhile, Akira wakes up and is visited by Amon. She’s full of conflict as to what to do. Touka pays her a visit and brings her to see some ghoul children along with Hinami. Hinami gives Akira a hug and she suddenly feels like everything she devoted her life for in the CCG was wrong. She comes to a crossroads and chooses to leave alongside Amon.

As for Kaneki, he and Touka share a moment when they are alerted that Furuta is on the move and has located their hideouts. He has a new Qs squad thanks to bringing former Aogiri Tree member Dr. Kanou back to the CCG in order to create new ghoul/human investigators on par with Kaneki’s strength. It appears we are heading to another bloody battle soon enough.

I glossed over a lot as to not spoil everything but there were some great moments in here although the battle, I was completely lost in. Ishida’s fights are always so confusing and it’s hard to keep track of what is happening. Amon did lose himself during the battle and Takizawa had to slap some sense into him. The same happened to Urie… he framed out during the battle and had to be stopped by our favorite otaku quinx, Saiko. Although, the way she did it was kind of a facepalm moment.

Still, the story moved forward rather well and things are starting to head to the grand finale, which makes sense since we’re 5 volumes away from the conclusion of this series.


Tons of character development here.

The first was between Amon and Akira. Of course, we know their past and how Amon has always had a thing for her. Although it seemed a little too simple for a single hug to change Akira’s mind about her entire life, she is seeing things differently now. She realized that she has Amon back in her life and she appears to be content with just drifting off somewhere with him and living out the rest of her life. Whether or not the two of them will back remain to be seen. If not, I guess things came full circle for the two of them and they can enjoy their happy ending.

Furuta is really starting to take shape as the series’ main antagonist. The public beheading and asserting his dominance over the CCG was the first step. Bringing Kanou on board to create Kaneki clones from Rize’s body is the next step, and now the final step to super villain status is him leading ghoul extermination squads all throughout Tokyo using his new Qs, called the Oggai, as the brunt of his power. It’s quite obvious at this point that in order to bring peace between the humans and the ghouls, Furuta is going to have to die. Kaneki was meant to become the bridge between humans and ghouls… that was his original desire. This means we will get an eventual Kaneki vs Furuta match and when it happens, it’ll probably end up being the final battle of the series.

Takizawa has also, sort of, left Goat. He explains to Kaneki that he’s done all that he wanted to do and now that he fulfilled his wishes, he’s going to go live his life as an aimless ghoul. Okay? Peace out, bro! That was a sudden and abrupt departure for him but given the way his character morphed from a timid ghoul investigator into an erratic and crazed ghoul, a spontaneous decision like this isn’t really unexpected from Takizawa. For all we know, he’ll be out in the streets plucking fresh pineapples at his leisure! I’m sure this won’t be the last we see of him, though. Characters who tend to disappear always find their way back.

Okay… how psycho has Mutsuki become? She flat out killed a ghoul early on in the battle while pretending it was Kankei the entire time. She is absolutely mentally broken at this point which is why the ending to the volume is more shocking than it seems at first glance. The fact that she’s there alone and not with the Quinx squad means she’s gone rogue. She’s driven by her obsession with Kaneki and now that she’s found him, what is she going to do? To see how far Mutsuki has fallen so quickly is a bit of a shock but given her admiration and love for Kaneki when he was Haise Sasaki, you can understand why she’s gone nutso. She’s almost like Tsukiyama at this point… just less refined.

Lastly… D’aww… Saiko likes Urie…. Yeah.. that’s a match made in heaven #sarcasm.

Final Thoughts

A lot of development here but not in a way where things are shocking. Ishida is tying up loose ends here in preparation for the grand finale and it seems with Furuta sending out his extermination squads, that battle is coming and coming fast. With five volumes left and given the fact that Ishida can span a massive battle across multiple volumes, I expect no beating around the bush from here on out. It’s going to be straight plot advancement to the conclusion so fasten your seatbelts because the end is coming soon. For those who watched the anime, we know what’s going to come, expect it’ll be explained more thoroughly which is what I am hoping for because damn… that anime adaptation was just terrible, rushed, and more confusing than an Ishida grand battle arc!

Plus, maybe next volume we’ll get the answer to the biggest, most important question in all of Tokyo Ghoul’s history.

Are you really a virgin, Kaneki?

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