ThinkGeek’s website is shutting down and moving in with Gamestop

Once Gamestop purchased ThinkGeek, the company moved a portion of their merchandise onto Gamestop’s website and brick and mortar stores. Now they’re going one step further as they’ve announced that ThinkGeek’s website is shutting down.

Once July 2nd, 2019, comes around, will be shut down, which the company will have a dedicated section on Since that’s happening, there are few things you need to be made aware of. The first is the Geek Points program is ending June 30th, 2019. If you have some points saved up, now is the time to use them. ThinkGeek will honor returns for items purchased before June 13th. Any orders placed after that date are final and they won’t take any returns, broke or otherwise. Lastly, any orders placed by July 2nd, 2019, could possibly be delayed.

ThinkGeek gift cards will continue to work at Gamestop, so that’s some positive news.

I figured this would happen eventually. Once Gamestop purchased ThinkGeek and we started seeing more toys and various items in Gamestop, it was a done deal. I’m just surprised it took this long. With this being a thing, I wonder how long it will be until the physical stores are shut down as well. Either way, just be sure to update your bookmarks once July 2nd, 2019, arrives.

Source: ThinkGeek