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Sony States the PlayStation and Xbox Platforms Will Remain Separate

News has been buzzing since Sony announced that Destiny 2 will feature cross-platform saves. Maybe believed that this could be the beginnings of a new relationship between the two companies. That hope has been squashed as of today.

Jim Ryan was asked if we could see the two platforms come together in a more meaningful way. Ryan had this to say in response to the question:

“There is to my knowledge… no scenario where the PlayStation and Xbox platforms combine,” he commented. “The two platforms will remain separate, with their separate identities and brands and fans.”

While this didn’t particularly aim towards cross-platform play, it merely stated that there would be no world where there would be one, single console or a scenario where both consoles will house the same games. Exclusives will remain exclusives and that will be that. Although, the lack of opening up their brand to a rival company also indicates that Sony is still not willing to play with anyone else.

Sony is more focused on making innovations in their own product such as 3D Audio, 8K support, voice chat transcriptions, and the recently announced cross-generation title support. A one console to rule them all future now seems further away than ever but was it ever a reality to begin with?

Source: Gamasutra