Pokemon fans have been eagerly awaiting news on Pokemon Sword and Shield since its debut earlier this year. And now, via a special Pokemon Direct, not only do we have it, we have a ton of information about what to expect. Here are the highlights from the Direct!

Release Date

Of the many things fans wanted to know more of, the release date for Pokemon Sword and Shield was paramount. And, the Pokemon teams didn’t let us down. At the end of the show, the teams revealed that the games would release simultaneously worldwide on November 15th! This continues the trend of releasing big Pokemon games in November, and sets Nintendo up for another huge Black Friday in the process!


Not to mention, starting today, you can pre-order a “double pack” where you can get both games for one purchase! I sense this selling out a lot.

The Galar Region

The first video for the Galar Region didn’t really show off a lot, but this time? It showed off plenty. Any doubts that this game wouldn’t “look” like a Pokemon game is washed away. There are plenty of beautiful areas that you can go through, and the character models and animations are very crisp. This is going to be one beautiful Pokemon game!

Also, to catch the majority of Pokemon, you’ll go to the “Wild Area”, this is the land between towns, and the Pokemon you’ll find there will vary depending on the time of day and the weather that are there. So you’ll need to go there a lot to get all sorts of cool Pokemon! And, like Pokemon Let’s Go, the Pokemon will be visible for you to find and approach!

New Pokemon


In terms of new Pokemon, we only got a handful, but it’s enough for now. The new Pokemon we learned about include Drednaw, Wooloo, Eldegoss, and Corviknight. The last one of which is actually a ride Pokemon of sorts that can take you to any place you have been before…via taxi!

And, we got our first look at the legendaries for the game, Zacian (the sword), and Zamazenta (the shield). Their looks are really cool, and the video that showed them off is epic. All the while possibly teasing another legendary in the process.


The “hook” of the Galra Region is called Dynamax. These are events that can happen in both trainer battles and wild battles in certain areas. Basically, your Pokemon, regardless of who they are, will have the ability to become giant size, and with it, get a massive power boost. However, unlike Mega Evolution, this isn’t a permanent thing that’ll last throughout the battle. If you bring forth the Dynamax power, you have three turns to use it before your Pokemon reverts.

In the Wild Area, you’ll see beams of light reaching the skies, these are Max Raid Battles, where you’ll be able to team up with friends and other players online in order to battle Dynamax Pokemon. You’ll need to work together to beat them in order to win because these Dynamax Pokemon will keep their giant form throughout the battle, and take on your 4-person party all at once!


Finally, the team revealed some key characters will meet in the game. Such as Professor Mongolia, the undefeated champion of the region, Leon, and your rival for the game, Hop.


All in all, Pokemon Sword and Shield is shaping up to be a major addition to the Pokemon mainline. And you’ll be able to enjoy it this November!


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