New Trailer for ‘Frozen 2’ Hints at Answers to Elsa’s Powers

No one is surprised that there is is a sequel to the Disney megahit Frozen but there were a lot of questions about where it would go. The initial teaser showed us the royal sisters on a journey but why they were traversing the world and leaving their kingdom was a question. In the first official trailer of the film, we start to see why:

Elsa is testing out the limits of her powers and well, they are pretty strong. However, something is definitely amiss as we see some sort of water horse in the ocean and the rock trolls descend en masse to speak to Elsa. It seems there is a reason for Elsa getting powers and we are about to discover what she’s meant to do. It also looks like other elements like wind and fire are involved. Of course, Anna and Kristoff are coming along to make sure nothing happens to the queen but will they make discoveries of their own?

One interesting aspect is that there are no song previewed in the trailer. Typically, Disney plays these pretty close to the chest but given that Frozen was famous for its music, it seems weird to not even hint at some of the new songs. We also saw some new characters in the teaser which are not present, which is a shame since they were such a mystery. Still, it looks epic and expansive, building on the world and possibly opening up new ideas and developing the core cast further. The only question now is if this movie does well too (and it likely will), will Disney make this franchise into a trilogy?

Frozen 2 premieres in theaters on November 22, 2019.