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Marvel Up For Super Smash Bros Crossover

If Nintendo has proven anything with Super Smash Bros, it’s that they are willing to go “beyond the standard” in terms of characters who could be put into the game. Because ever since Brawl, they’ve had all sorts of 3rd Party legends showing up. From Sonic The Hedgehog, to Pac-Man, to Snake, to Cloud Strife and Bayonetta, and most recently, Joker from Persona 5, they’ve had a lot of characters that aren’t technically theirs join the fun. And now, with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 coming out soon for Nintendo Switch, many are wondering if Marvel would be up for joining the party.

It may seem like an odd question to ask, but, Marvel characters have been in fighting game titles before. Most famously the Marvel vs. Capcom series. Among others of course. So, fitting in a character like Spider-Man or Wolverine or Captain Marvel into the title wouldn’t be so far-fetched. Especially since there are human characters in Smash Bros. Marvel Games’ VP and creative director Bill Rosemann was recently asked by Game Informer, and he said it was something he’d be able to picture:

“Well I mean, I can imagine anything,” said Rosemann. “Hawkeye standing next to Link, and both shooting some arrows… I mean anything could happen, but I’m not the person that makes decisions such as that.”

Obviously, he’s referring to how Nintendo ultimate decides who is in Smash Bros or not, and that’s very true, and fair. And they might say that having Marvel characters in Smash Bros would be a little too odd. However, that doesn’t mean a Super Smash Bros Crossover couldn’t happen in another way. Maybe like…Marvel vs. Nintendo?