‘Jessica Jones’ Season 3 Trailer Confirms Her Final Villain

What with Netflix cancelling all of the Marvel shows in the wake of Disney+, I’m glad that it was Jessica Jones that got the head’s up about its upcoming season being the last rather than just a random cancellation. That being said, one could only hope that the creative team was in a good place to end the show, with an epic final villain. What we’re getting certainly seems to be intense, but can it live up to the legacy of Kilgrave?

In the trailer, we finally get to see the face behind our new, and final, big bad for the show: Gregory Salinger, also known in the comics as Foolkiller. He seems intent on tracking Jessica down and making her pay for all her mistakes, calling her a cheater for her powers and advantages, and questioning whether she’s a hero or a fraud. It also looks like he has a powerful ally on his side: Jessica’s former lawyer friend Jeri. It seems like in the comics, Salinger’s motivation is going after those who have “failed” in some way, and proceeds to kill them with little remorse. Now, he has no powers to speak of, so how exactly he’ll pose a threat to Jessica will be interesting to see.

We also see Trish Walker using her newfound powers from last season to go around as Hellcat, which makes for a pretty interesting dynamic change between her and Jessica. There is also a former victim of Salinger’s that Jessica gets close to, but if Salinger is as methodical as the show claims, he could be some sort of trap. The official season synopsis mentions a devastating loss, though we don’t get much of a hint of what that is. Still, it looks like this will be more of a game of wits than brawn.

Jessica Jones Season 3 premieres on Netflix on June 14, 2019.