Crossover animes are pretty fun, especially if you are a fan of the series that are partaking in it. However, their stories are usually straightforward with very little depth to them and Isekai Quartet is no exception to that which is why this review is going to be as short as their episode lengths.

Let’s go!

The Story

Isekai Quartet is simply an anime where the characters from Re:Zero, Saga of Tanya the Evil, Overlord, and KonoSuba are transported to another world via the push of a red button. There, they attend high school and the episodic adventures begin. Some of the adventures include naming a class rep, a field trip (which includes the ever-stereotypical beach episode), a talent show, and more.

Our cast of characters

I can’t really explain the “story” any more than that because that’s all there is to it. The anime’s hook is the humor and interactions between the characters in the world. One thing the anime expects of you is that you are familiar with all four of these shows in order to get the humor. Sadly, I’ve only seen Re:Zero; however, I am reading the Overlord manga so I am very familiar with that series. I have not watched KonoSuba or Saga of Tanya the Evil but watching Isekai Quartet has sparked my interests in doing so… especially KonoSuba.

Can’t have an anime without a beach episode

With my only picking up two shows in the Summer anime season, I might fit KonoSuba into my weekends and marathon it and it’s all thanks to this series.

Art, Animation, and Sound

One of the things that makes this anime “cute” is that fact that all of our characters are chibi versions of themselves and who doesn’t love chibis? If you hate chibis, you have no soul.

Especially if it’s a classroom full of chibis!

The artwork itself blends a lot of CG into the show; however, the style makes it virtually transparent or just seamless with the rest of the art. Thick black borders outline our characters bringing a good emphasis to them all while making the show look just so good.

Just sliding in for a 1 frame hit!

The animation, on the other hand, is exactly what you would expect from this kind of art style. It almost felt like a bunch of vector images animated in 1-2 frames but that’s what brought charm to the series. In a normal series, animation like this would be scoffed at and fans would scream just how low the budget must have been for the show but here, it’s perfect and compliments everything so well. Special effects (such as Aqua’s hilariously overpowered attacks that do nothing) were well-animated and really helped bring our characters to life.

Overall Thoughts


That is the only word I can use to describe this anime. It is just pure and simple fun. Even if you haven’t seen any of the series (which may hurt your experience in getting some of the jokes or references), there is enough neutral material here to keep you highly entertained. There isn’t a huge time investment here because when you subtract the 1:30 opening and ending themes, you’re left with about 5-6 minutes of actual episode. With there being 12 episodes, you could plow through this series in the time it takes for you to watch 2 regular episodes of anime… aka, about an hour.

It is an hour well-spent, though. Usually, these small and short animes are hit or miss but this one is definitely a hit! The best news is that we are getting a sequel to it with more characters joining the cast! It begs the question of what isekai is going to end up joining in?

My rating in gif form

Isekai Quartet


Isekai Quartet is just a fun, simple show that you can finish in about an hour. Great for a good laugh whether you are familiar with the series or not.


  • Great humor
  • Characters interacted well with each other
  • Vibrant depiction of the world
  • Chibis


  • Does require some previous knowledge
  • Episode lengths

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