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Game breaking Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night bug halts game progress

Currently, there is a huge game breaking bug with Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night that is affected any progress made prior to patch 1.2 being applied. As it stands, any progress prior to applying patch 1.2 will exhibit treasure chests that haven’t been opened to appear already opened. Meaning certain items you need to progress through the game are unobtainable.


Upon looking into this, this only affects the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. There are quite a number of unhappy people regarding this bug. The PC version is unaffected as patch 1.2 was provided when you downloaded the game. The only fix is to start a new game and losing any progress you’ve made so far.

505 Games is aware of the issue and have issued a statement regarding the issue.

We have been investigating a PS4/Xbox One issue that is blocking player progress in the game. We apologize for this bug and thank you for your patience while we investigated.

The issue occurs when a new game is started before downloading the 1.02 update. After the update, treasure chests will appear in the incorrect open/closed state.

Without the items from these chests, progress is blocked.

Players affected by this bug will be required to restart the game with a new save in order to properly progress.

We investigated a number of options to address this issue and each fix requires a new game to be started. Despite our efforts to provide a fix that preserves pre-1.02 progress, this is the best solution to avoid future issues.

Xbox 1 players will also be affected by this when the 1.02 patch is delivered next week. Switch players who have a physical copy should download the 1.02 patch before playing.

If you haven’t updated, then don’t! Stop your PS4 or Xbox One from updating the game before it’s too late. If you have a physical copy, you can uninstall the game and the update, then reinstall the game and pause the update. Which will let you continue. The downside to this is patch 1.2 contains updates that are needed in the game. Not to mention other updates will likely require patch 1.2 to be installed. Still, at the very least you can continue on with patch 1.0/1.1, beat the game and then update.

I feel bad for those who started up as soon as the game was released and made a dent in the progress. Only to have to abandon the game and move on. So far, this is the only real blemish of an otherwise exceptional game. Here’s to hoping there aren’t any more surprises that could jeopardize our time with the game.