Ubisoft’s E3 press conference kicked off with an extended gameplay demo of Watch Dogs Legion, showcasing the games many playable characters.

The game features a recruitment system (like last week’s leak mentioned), allowing you to add any NPC to an ever-expanding army of DedSec resistance members. The gameplay demo began with a character attempting to recruit a new member for the resistance, only to end up in open combat with authorities. Surprisingly, after taking a few bullets, the character went into a downed state and could either resist and try to escape or surrender. For the sake of the demo, they resisted, and this ended in the character’s demise, and at this point, Watch Dogs Legion got interesting. Control was transferred to a completely different character, an elderly woman named Helen. Helen then snuck her way into Scotland Yard before control was transferred to another character. Switching characters is at the core of Watch Dogs Legion, and while it’s still unclear how seamless the whole system will be, the trailer (which you can check out below) poses some interesting ideas.


Playing as any NPC, complete with their own voice over and animations, seems like it could have a ton of interesting gameplay possibilities. Play as anyone in a futuristic London when Watch Dogs Legion launches on March 3, 2020.

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