After the reveal of AMD’s Ryzen 2 line-up a few weeks ago, a rumor about a yet reveal processor started making the rounds. The 3950X as it was called, was rumored to be a 16-core/32-thread processor. Except, it was just that, a rumor. Well, it was until a few hours ago as AMD revealed the 3960X during their E3 AMD’s Next Horizon Gaming Event.

Ryzen 2 3950X Processor - September 2019

Yes, the 3950X is real and it’s a beast with its 16 cores/32 threads, 3.5GHz base clock, 4.7GHz boost clock, 72MB of cache and a 105W TDP. In comparison, the AMD Threadripper is rated at 180 watts. Which just goes to show how elegant the 7nm process is. Just like the other AMD Ryzen 2 processors, this processor will fit into AM4 motherboards, 570x, 470 and supported X370 and b350 variants.


While the previously announced Ryzen 2 processors will be available purchase this July 2019, the 3950X won’t be released until September 2019. It’s currently priced at $750.

Damn, I was already onboard for the 3900X, but now I don’t know. Curses AMD, why are you making such amazing processors?

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