Major changes are coming to Bethesda’s online Fallout titles, including NPCs making their way to the Appalachian wasteland.

The Wastelanders update, available later this fall, will add human NPC characters to the game, complete with their own entirely new questlines. Some new weaponry, including bows, are being added to the game as well. Dialogue options will also finally make their appearance in Fallout 76, with certain options requiring skill checks. The update will be free for all Fallout 76 owners. You can check out the trailer below.

Nuclear Winter is the other large piece of content planned for Fallout 76. Players can set foot inside the previously closed Vault 52 and participate in a 52 player battle royale. What sets Nuclear Winter apart from other battle royale games is the presence of classic Fallout mechanics like camp building and hostile wildlife. Nuclear Winter is available to try this week in Fallotu 76, and to coincide with this test, the game is free-to-play for the whole week. Check out more details in the trailer below.

Nuclear Winter and Wastelanders will be available later this fall, and Fallout 76 is currently free-to-play during the week of E3.

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