E3 2019: No More Heroes III Revealed for 2020

During the Nintendo E3 2019 presentation, it is finally confirmed that SUDA 51 is making No More Heroes III. It is set to release in 2020.

Seems that there was enough sales of Travis Strikes Again to warrant the third game. That, or SUDA already planned to make it regardless.


Here we see what looks to be a injured Keanu Reeves, but soon enough we hear the wise cracking, pop culture referencing , Travis Touchdown reveal himself. From what it seems, it appears aliens have come to take over Santa Destroy California. Since this he an anime otaku, he literally goes Henshin and transform into something like a silver Iron Man/Gachaman. We see him busting up some aliens in fashion that imitates the opening of the first game and his usual wrestling moves. He continues on with his 4th-wall breaking commentary before seeing more enemies. Interesting detail about the enemies is that it seems to be purposefully appear to be place holder enemy models. Likely this is subject to change before we see the final enemy design. We then get a tease at the end, hinting that Silvia Crystal, will return. She ends with her catch phrase of  “Welcome to the garden of madness.”

There was some worry if the voice in the trailer was not Robin Atkin Downes, the original voice of Travis. But it was confirmed on Twitter and at the end of the trailer credits that Suda and Robin are together working on the 3rd game.

So it sees that Robin will reprise his role as Travis, which is good for all the fans.


Get ready to go back to the garden of madness. In 2020, it’s game time!

No More Heroes III is in development and scheduled sometime in 2020 for Nintendo Switch.

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