At E3 2019, we knew we would see more about the upcoming Link’s Awakening remake for the Nintendo Switch. The game was originally on the Game Boy, and the new look fits its top-down style, while still making it undoubtedly cute.

But, the big turn on after the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct is that the game is coming very soon! In fact, it’s coming out on September 20th! This is loads faster than we thought we would get it.

In addition to visual improvements, there are also some new features in the game shown off in the trailer. Such as being able to construct your own dungeons in the game, and if you complete them, you’ll be able to get new rewards!

This release date is just one of many that Nintendo had today. So be sure to check out all of our pieces about the E3 Nintendo Direct, and more news coming out of the Nintendo Treehouse!

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