Cuphead is Coming to Tesla Cars

This isn’t exactly what we had in mind when Microsoft began making their services and games available on other platforms.

According to IGN, Studio MDHR’s gorgeous 2D run and gun game Cuphead, which first launched on Xbox One and PC and eventually found its way to Nintendo Switch, will soon be playable on Tesla Model 3, Model S, and Model X vehicles.

This news comes from Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself, as he shared some details in an interview on episode 200 of Ride the Lightning, a weekly Tesla podcast. “Cuphead, we’ve got working,” said Musk. “[The developers] have been helping us make it work.” Musk and his team have also been working on porting Unity, the game engine that Cuphead runs on, to work in Teslas (as well as Unreal Engine). Teslas already have some basic gaming functionality, allowing users to play some old-school classics like Asteroids using touchscreen controls or a USB gamepad, but Musk has promised more games will come once they get the engines ported over.

Cuphead might not look like the most technically demanding game, but the game requires a silky smooth framerate and minimal input lag to ensure an enjoyable experience given that it’s based around quick reactions and split-second decision making. According to Studio MDHR, the team behind Cuphead, development of the Tesla version is proceeding nicely, and the game is running “nice and clean”. Due to the storage limitations of Tesla vehicles, only the first section of Cuphead, Inkwell Isle One, will be included. The game will also only be playable with a wired USB gamepad so players will be able to have greater control. These restrictions help to achieve the two aspects of Cuphead that Studio MDHR would not compromise on: it had to run smoothly and it had to control precisely.

Cuphead is planned to launch in Tesla cars sometime this summer.