Code Vein Switch Port A Possibility?

With the recent beta and news of the revived Code Vein, naturally, there is the automatic question: Is there a chance it can be ported and released on Switch?

Producer of Code Vein and of Bandai Namco, Keita Iizuka, did an interview with Gamespot of which he shared while they are currently focused on the PS4 and Xbox, a Switch port or Epic store release is a possibility.

We are focusing on development for PS4, Steam, and Xbox One,” Iizuka said. “But as far as the possibility of porting to Switch or [the Epic Games Store], there might be a possibility down the line. We can’t really say for sure at this point.

Bandai Namco has so far done a good job bringing games over to the Switch Life Dragon Ball Fighterz and the Sword Art Online games. While not in the immediate future, there is still a chance for all you Switch Owners out there.

I will be posting my impressions of the Code Vein Network Test soon but to think of the possibility of a Switch is hopeful but also worrisome. While there are good games that doesn’t sacrifice too much on either graphics or frame-rate on Switch, Code Vein I feel may push the Switch. The last thing we need is another Mortal Kombat 11 situation in which the details of the face and presentation is just watered down. The hope remains is that Code Vein is focused on the Cel-shaded style like in God Eater. So perhaps it won’t be as taxing on the system. There are other factors that add to my worries, like draw distances, popping textures, and general performance.

Though I would love to be surprised if they are able to balance it, should they ever decide to bring port the game over to the Switch.

Code Vein is scheduled to be released sometime in 2019 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC release.

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