Bandai Namco Wants Your Code Vein Network Test Opinions

This past weekend, Bandai Namco hosted a network test for their upcoming action RPG, Code Vein. This was limited to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, PC gamers were left out. However, now that the weekend is over and the test has been closed. Bandai Namco wants to know what you thought about the game.

They have sent out a survey to every email address that was used to gain access to the network test. In this survey, they really want to know what you thought about the game. And it is very granular, they want to know what you liked, what you didn’t enjoy and more. They even ask what other similar games you’ve played prior.

code vein network test survey

As you may be aware of, Code Vein went underground for a number of months. Leaving many, including myself, wondering what happened to the game. With this network test, the game came back with multiple changes. Including the addition of a co-op mode which wasn’t originally planned. It definitely seems to be in a better place, or at least Bandai Namco hopes that it is.

If you’ve participated in the network test, then be sure to answer this survey to the best of your abilities. Be honest, please. If you enjoyed it, let them know. If you weren’t a fan of it, tell them why. Don’t just say “I love it” or “This was crap” because that’s not really useful feedback. The entire reason the game was delayed was due to solid criticism and that’s what they’re looking forward to again.

Speaking of impressions, our very own William Kok is working on his impressions of the Code Vein network test. Look for that to drop later this week.