There’s A Call of Duty Announcement Happening Tomorrow At 10 AM PT

I’m sure you’ve all heard about what’s going on with the Call of Duty series. That, along with all the rumors and speculation. Well, looks like Activision wants to shed some light on it all and has announced that they’re putting on a show. Tomorrow, May 30th, at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET.

I’m sure you have so many questions, just as we do. Will this next Call of Duty: Modern Warfare be a reboot? Were the rumors right after all? Or are we going to see something completely different? I guess we’ll find out tomorrow, won’t we?

However, this teaser has more than just the date hidden in it. I’ve been going through this teaser over and over and there’s definitely a logo and some text that I can’t make out. Especially on the upper right-hand side, where it says something. Obviously, the video has been constructed so that you aren’t able to guess whatever this is, easily.

We got less than 24 hours to find out what is hiding in the dark.