Game of Thrones is one of the most important shows in the last decade. It helped revolutionize fantasy television in terms of scale, scope, quality, and more. Many were hoping that Game of Thrones Season 8 would end the entire series on a positive note to cement it as truly one of the greatest of all time. But, as the Game of Thrones Finale proved, that wasn’t as easy to do as many hoped.

Now, a week after the finale aired, and with all their thoughts in a row, GOT superfans Todd Black and Tyler Kelbaugh have at it in a fun, but also heated, debate about whether the Game of Thrones Finale was good, bad, average, or something else entirely. As well as debating the entire season of GOT and how it holds up against everything else.

Did they feel the final season was rushed? What decisions made by the writers and crew were poorly handled in their opinions? What moments or scenes stood out above the rest in terms of quality? Who were the standout characters of the season? And which characters basically got shoved to the side?


Todd and Tyler have a lot to say, so listen to the whole podcast, and then let us know YOUR thoughts as well! Then…maybe our watch will end.

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