Detective Pikachu 2

The Full ‘Detective Pikachu’ Movie Leaked, and You Need to Watch It Now

Okay, okay, for all of you about to throw a fit about leaking movies and hurting the film industry, believe me when I say I am right there with you. But if you’re panicking about us sharing the video, you can go ahead and blame Ryan Reynolds.

That’s right, Detective Pikachu himself went ahead and shared the entire movie!

Well, not exactly the entire movie. Or even the actual movie. Sure, it’s got the opening titles and a brief clip of our other main character Tim before the real show starts: nearly 100 minutes of the adorable Pikachu dancing to some cheery, 1980s inspired music. That’s the kind of quality content I am here to enjoy on the Internet!

Obviously, this is Ryan Reynolds being the king of Internet humor as always, and parodying the leaks that always plague big movies (and of course, drumming up last minute hype for the film). The video has over 4 million views, which just goes to show that even when the joke is painfully obvious, we love to buy into it anyways. And again, who doesn’t want to watch a Pikachu dancing? Bad people, that’s who!

Detective Pikachu will premiere in theaters on May 10, 2019.