We’ve known about The Avengers Project, Square Enix’s game based on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, since the initial teaser back in January 2017. Since then, however, there haven’t been any substantial updates on the game’s development.

Earlier today though, a new Twitter account called @PlayAvengers posted a tweet announcing that the game would be present at Square Enix’s E3 presentation on June 10.


So now we know that Square Enix has at least one other thing up their sleeve for this year besides Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Even though it’s just a teaser for an E3 reveal, this tweet still raises some interesting questions. Let’s start with what we do know. The game is being developed by Crystal Dynamics, the team behind the Tomb Raider reboot series, with the help of Eidos Montreal, who are responsible for the modern Deus Ex games and the recent Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The tagline at the end of the initial teaser from 2017 was “reassemble”, and that still seems to be true.

What we didn’t have, however, was a name, and the name we heard today presents some interesting possibilities. It looks like the game’s official title is simply Marvel’s Avengers. Marvel Games’s recent strategy has been reaching out to a lot of proven development studios to create quality titles, the most noteworthy of which in recent memory being Marvel’s Spider-Man, with Marvel’s Iron Man VR coming later this year. Square Enix’s Avengers game seems to follow a similar naming scheme, and it raises the same question a large number of people had when Iron Man VR was revealed: Are these games set in the same universe?

Marvel’s wildly successful cinematic universe is comprised of over 20 interconnected films spanning numerous series and franchises. Because they’ve only recently started to make a serious effort in trying to make quality video games, we don’t know for sure whether these games will feature interwoven stories or even just cameos and easter eggs, but is it wrong to think they could be? There are a ton of reasons why it isn’t easy, the most problematic being that these games are being made by a multitude of different teams with varying business practices and schedules, and another being that one of their games is exclusively available on PlayStation 4. Still, because they’re adopting strikingly similar branding for three of their games, it makes me wonder if a Marvel Games Universe could actually end up being a real thing.


Of course, this is all just conjecture and we won’t know anything until E3, but it’s an exciting possibility. The MCU is an incredible achievement in cinema, so it’d be exciting to see what Marvel could do with video games.

Marvel’s Avengers will be shown at Square Enix’s E3 Presentation on June 10 at 6PM PT.

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