Kingdom Hearts III

Square Enix Announces DLC for Kingdom Hearts III

It was announced by Square Enix Game Director Tetsuya Nomura that Square Enix is developing DLC for the recently-released Kingdom Hearts III. The announcement was made during the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra-World of Tres concert in Tokyo, Japan.

Nomura stated that the DLC is tentatively titled as Kingdom Hearts III: ReMIND and it will offer a brand-new scenario of the same name as the DLC’s title. There is also a limit cut episode, a new boss fight, and a new secret episode which also contains a new boss fight. The DLC pack will offer the ability to switch between English and Japanese languages… at least in Japan. No word if a Japanese language option will exist for the North American release of the DLC.

The DLC will be a paid DLC offering but it wasn’t stated on what the price of it will be. Nomura did say that there will be future DLC such as a new keyblade and a form change that will be free to download and will launch roughly around the same time as the paid DLC.

Nomura teased the audience by saying more information will be released during the time it rains a lot in Japan. Japan’s rainy season is June to July which heavily suggests that this information will be held during Square Enix’s E3 press conference.