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Spectator Mode Podcast Episode 13 – 5.24.2019

Welcome back to the Spectator Mode Podcast. In Episode 13, not 14, the crew sits down for yet another fun filled podcast.

Starting off with what we’ve been playing this week and coverage of this weeks gaming news. Keith talks about Dauntless finally going live, while Diego hypes up his newly acquired Oculus Rift Quest. He breaks down his experience and drops some nuggets of VR advise and answers all our questions regarding the Oculus Rift.

Then we get serious as we talk about the gaming industry’s latest turn of events – influencers. Can they all be trusted? Should they be paid as much as they are? Are they causing a divide in the gaming industry and are they impacting gaming journalism as know it today?

That and more of this episode of the Spectator Mode Podcast!

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